Saturday, February 12, 2011

Top 10 Nicki Minaj Quotes

10. "Cause my flow's stupid, wheelchair bound, take the small bus all year round"
- Jumpoff 07/Playtime Is Over

9. "These broke rappers always rappin bout a pink truck, I'm only happy wen I hopin out da brincks truck" - Click Clack/Playtime Is Over

8. "...and I don't need my groove back unless tha ni**a lookin like 2-pac" - Grindin/Sucka Free

7. "I had 2 laugh at dat one, b*@ch get outta line I'm a slap da fat one"
- Curious George/Sucka Free

6. "I'm bout that fast money, money ain't got no patience. But if them boys come run like you on probation" - Cuchi Shop/Sucka Free

5. "I keep three hoes, But don't'call me Santa" - I Get Crazy/Beam Me Up Scotty

4. "I never knew my titties was bigger than Pamela. So paparazzi flickin' be flickin' they camera.
-Kill Da DJ/Beam Me Up Scotty

3. "I eat these rap b*#ches, somebody get me a dinner mint" - Get Silly/Beam Me Up Scotty

2. "Now all the bums is wondering where I be's at -if you ain't a barbie it's none of your freaking beeswax!!!" - BET Cypher

1. "Bank rolls gimmie all them pretty furs cause my pu**y game cold when he hit it he say 'burr', he say 'burr' 'bur bur bur burr, imma imma marry her' and he play with that purr like he strummin' his guitar" Slumber Party/song by Gucci Mane

I'm the Baddest in the School

"Step ya cookies up. Girl get you a ladder."
- Nicki Minaj

"Bad b****es do not have promiscuous sex."
- Nicki Minaj

"White girls tell me hey, Nicki your camp rules. Is that why you get more head than shampoos?"
- Nicki Minaj

“I don't know where I fit in the spectrum of rap yet, I think now I'm kind of proving myself, but before, people thought of I was more of a sex symbol or wannabe sex symbol. Now they're seeing. That's why I make the goofiest faces, I don't want people to think I'm up here trying to be cute. I'm trying to entertain, and entertaining is more than exuding sex appeal. I don't think that's fun. I don't find it fun watching someone trying to be sexy. It's whack. I'm trying to just show my true personality, and I think that means more than anything else. I think when personality is at the forefront, its not about male or female, its just about, who is this weird character?”
- Nicki Minaj Tells The Fader

“I am so territorial, that [from the start] I just felt like whatever I was gonna do I was gonna write it myself, its my personal preference to always be in control of everything I do in life.”
- Nicki Minaj Tells The Fader

Yo, now all these b*****s wanna try and be my bestie, but I take a left and leave them hanging like a testie. Trash talk to 'em, then I put 'em in a Hefty.

I'm the baddest in the school, the baddest in the game.

I'm the baddest in the game. Excuse me, honey. Nobody's in my lane.

I'm tighter than face lifts and flyer than spaceships.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Wayne has Always Been my Biggest Influence

I'm mean muggin' like Lil Mama on Jay's Set.

May the Lord protect me as the world gets hectic.

Flow tighter than a d*** in the butt.

"I don't think intimidated is the word. I definitely get excited by it. I don't want to let anybody down. I've always been the type of person to make everybody happy and get things done. I want everything to be 100 percent perfect. I do feel it when people hold me to high expectations."
- Nicki Minaj To Vibe Magazine

"I have a song I wrote called “Autobiography.” I came from a very intense living situation, with having a parent on drugs and not having a lot of money. So I always want to talk about the real things. But I think 90 percent of my music, I want it to be ‘feel-good music'. I'm already recording tracks for my album, but when it comes time to actually say, ‘this is the album,' I may be in a completely different space than I'm in right now."
Nicki Minaj To Vibe Magazine

"Wayne has always been my biggest influence. It's weird because I sit down and talk to Wayne like he's just a regular human being, and then I walk on stage with him and there's 20,000 people screaming for him. I think it puts it into perspective for me like, Wait a minute, this is actually attainable. I could have this; I just need to focus and remember that my grind is just beginning. I always say that that's what I learned from Wayne the most; he never stops grinding. It showed me, Yo, this dude is the truth, and I'm going to follow in his footsteps."
- Nicki To Vibe Magazine

(On being a female artist) "No, I think I'm bringing something that's fresh and I think people are already paying attention. It's funny because I only did one mixtape so far and I'm getting attention like I did ten mixtapes. I don't think I'll have a problem once people realize that I'm really spittin' and it's not just about sex appeal. I don't think it's gonna be a problem."
- Nicki Minaj

"Before I got signed, I was doing a lot of DVD's, and a lot of freestyles."
- Nicki Minaj

I am the Baddest Chick

"I'm gettin' the munchies, I think I'll have a rap b**** for my entree."
- Nicki Minaj

"If every n**** can say he had it, you're not exclusive. You're not a bad b****."
- Nicki Minaj

"Ask Lil Wayne who the 5-star b**** is."
- Nicki Minaj (5 Star Chick)

"I don't give a f*** about you or your bum crew."
- Nicki Minaj

"Switch my hair, they gon' copy her. Switch my gear, they gon' copy her. Look at how they stare, just a copier. Roger that. Did you copy that? Copycat."
- Nicki Minaj

"I've had my highs and had my lows but you can't tell me that I am not the baddest chick."
- Nicki Minaj

"Step yo d*** down, to like basement status."
- Nicki Minaj

"Please you can never compare to me, all these b****es is scared of me. I am who they couldn't even dare to be."
- Nicki Minaj

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm a winner mommy

"I keep three hoes, But don't'call me Santa"
- Nicki Minaj

"I'm a winner mommy, your career's a gamble"
- Nicki Minaj

"Cause my flow's stupid, wheelchair bound, take the small bus all year round"
- Nicki Minaj

"I'm a bad bitch, I ain't never been a mixed breed."
- Nicki Minaj

"F-ck I look like ho? I look like yes and ya look like no."
- Nicki Minaj

"Which bitch you know made a million off a mixtape?"
- Nicki Minaj

"I got that kinda money that make a bitch broke bitter."
- Nicki Minaj

"Cause it's Barbie b****, you can join the wave. I done penny, nickel, dime, I done coined the phrase."
-Nicki Minaj

Yes I Call the Shots

"Greatness is what we on the brink of."
- Nicki Minaj

"Shout out to my haters, sorry that you couldn't phase me."
- Nicki Minaj

"Cause I'm still hood, Hollywood couldn't change me."
- Nicki Minaj

"Put it on everything, that I will retire with the ring. And I will retire with the crown — yes. No I'm not lucky, I'm blessed — yes. Clap for the heavy weight champ — me."
- Nicki Minaj

"And yes I call the shots, I am the umpire."
- Nicki Minaj

"I believe that life is a prize, but to live doesn't mean you're alive."
- Nicki Minaj

"I fly with the stars in the skies."
- Nicki Minaj

"I get what I desire, it's my empire."
- Nicki Minaj

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Let me Put on My Pumps

“My flow stupid; wheel chair bound
Take the small bus.. All year round”
‘Jump Off 07′ – Nicki Minaj

“Tell Stack, to bring the black Carter
But If I f*ck em, would he? Would he yell ‘Squad Up!’”
‘Dreams 07′ – Nicki Minaj

“You’ll be gone to November like Wyclef
I move weight and I ain’t talkin’ bout biceps”
‘Click Clack’ - Nicki Minaj

Bitches gettin’ mad cause they know they can’t (Stop her!)
Nickiname should TV the way they (Watch her!) Run with a (Shotter!)
Gotta be at least 6 feet to break me off (Proper!)”
‘Ease Up’ - Nicki Minaj featuring Ru Spits

“I’m badder than the dude at the Neverland
Get the money green coupe with a lepre-can (leprechaun)”
‘Wuchoo Know’ - Nicki Minaj

“If I show you how to do it would you reamberse me
Let me put on my pumps, let me grab my skirtsy
I am such a little lady, let me do my curtsy
F*ck a dry p*ssy b*tch cause I know she thirsty”
‘Playtime Is Over’ - Nicki Minaj

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