Saturday, February 12, 2011

Top 10 Nicki Minaj Quotes

10. "Cause my flow's stupid, wheelchair bound, take the small bus all year round"
- Jumpoff 07/Playtime Is Over

9. "These broke rappers always rappin bout a pink truck, I'm only happy wen I hopin out da brincks truck" - Click Clack/Playtime Is Over

8. "...and I don't need my groove back unless tha ni**a lookin like 2-pac" - Grindin/Sucka Free

7. "I had 2 laugh at dat one, b*@ch get outta line I'm a slap da fat one"
- Curious George/Sucka Free

6. "I'm bout that fast money, money ain't got no patience. But if them boys come run like you on probation" - Cuchi Shop/Sucka Free

5. "I keep three hoes, But don't'call me Santa" - I Get Crazy/Beam Me Up Scotty

4. "I never knew my titties was bigger than Pamela. So paparazzi flickin' be flickin' they camera.
-Kill Da DJ/Beam Me Up Scotty

3. "I eat these rap b*#ches, somebody get me a dinner mint" - Get Silly/Beam Me Up Scotty

2. "Now all the bums is wondering where I be's at -if you ain't a barbie it's none of your freaking beeswax!!!" - BET Cypher

1. "Bank rolls gimmie all them pretty furs cause my pu**y game cold when he hit it he say 'burr', he say 'burr' 'bur bur bur burr, imma imma marry her' and he play with that purr like he strummin' his guitar" Slumber Party/song by Gucci Mane

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