Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Let me Put on My Pumps

“My flow stupid; wheel chair bound
Take the small bus.. All year round”
‘Jump Off 07′ – Nicki Minaj

“Tell Stack, to bring the black Carter
But If I f*ck em, would he? Would he yell ‘Squad Up!’”
‘Dreams 07′ – Nicki Minaj

“You’ll be gone to November like Wyclef
I move weight and I ain’t talkin’ bout biceps”
‘Click Clack’ - Nicki Minaj

Bitches gettin’ mad cause they know they can’t (Stop her!)
Nickiname should TV the way they (Watch her!) Run with a (Shotter!)
Gotta be at least 6 feet to break me off (Proper!)”
‘Ease Up’ - Nicki Minaj featuring Ru Spits

“I’m badder than the dude at the Neverland
Get the money green coupe with a lepre-can (leprechaun)”
‘Wuchoo Know’ - Nicki Minaj

“If I show you how to do it would you reamberse me
Let me put on my pumps, let me grab my skirtsy
I am such a little lady, let me do my curtsy
F*ck a dry p*ssy b*tch cause I know she thirsty”
‘Playtime Is Over’ - Nicki Minaj

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